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Joe's Record

Joe Markosek shows up every single day to work for us. In fact, Joe is one of only a few legislators with a perfect voting record, because he knows that you have to show up in order to deliver for our area.

And Joe Markosek has delivered:

  • Safer Roads – Joe fought for, and won, passage of landmark legislation to end distracted driving and texting-while-driving which put millions of Pennsylvanians at risk every day.
  • Looking Out for Seniors – Joe is currently fighting to stop risky efforts to privatize the state lottery system in Harrisburg, because he knows that seniors depend upon the program to fund Pennsylvania's prescription drug programs.
  • Better Schools – Joe is fighting to ensure our school districts receive their fair share of state funding. In addition, Joe has fought to keep property taxes low.
  • Delivering for Us – Joe was instrumental in securing funding for the Route 22 widening project, and many other transportation improvements in our community. In addition, Joe has championed library improvements, youth facilities, and EMS providers.
  • Protecting Our Quality of Life – Joe is fighting to ensure local control over Marcellus Shale Drilling in our area, and to protect our constitutional right to pure drinking water.

Joe is a graduate of Notre Dame, and prior to serving in the House worked for Westinghouse's Nuclear Water Reactor Division. In 1979, Joe was part of the rapid recovery team that was sent to Three Mile Island immediately following the nuclear accident.

Joe Markosek State Representative
Box 193
Monroeville, PA

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